The Art Of Movement Essentialism

You suffer from chronic fear-of-missing-out syndrome.

You expect to learn a 60-second handstand in less than 60 seconds.

You are looking for the cookie Practice.

Recognise part of yourself?

Your problem is ‘too much’ and you solve it with more:

More workshops.

More books.

More information.

More teachers.

More superficial millimeters into all direction.

What you are actually looking for is depth and quality instead of superficiality and quantity.

The good news?

The art of choosing is not hard to master.

Here is the 3 step antidote to the burden of abundance and diluted efforts:

Step 1 – Choose.

Step 2 – Practice.

Step 3. – Practice. Practice. Practice.

Instead of asking yourself:

“What can I include today?”

Ask yourself:

“What can I remove today?”

Practice the removal of things from moment to moment and from repetition to repetition.

Until you are left with what is essential.

Like carving a sculpture from marble.

The sophistication comes from what is not.

Because having enough = wanting less.

Wanting less = more than enough.

And more than enough = unmeasurable.

Wishing you a practiceful day.


PS. Inspired by Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less – Greg Mckeown.