The Good Teacher Holy Trinity

What makes a good teacher?

And to what standards do we hold ourselves?

How can you separate the ‘popular star’ from the ‘obscure master’?

Finding a good teacher is like finding a needle in a haystack.

And if you find a good teacher, you probably need to learn how to be a good student first.

(But that’s for another post).

So how can you become better at pinpointing the needle and find the right teacher for you?

Ido Portal -in his quest for good teachers- purified this question into the good teacher holy trinity:

This means:

We practice 6 days a week and are able to demonstrate what it is we teach.

We only share Movement Materials that have gone through a rigorous process of Research and Development.

“We only teach what we do and walk up the mountain first.”

This means:

We create a space for safe collisions and structure our Sessions through meaningful conversations and honest interaction.

We give technical instructions from a theoretical understanding and ask observational questions from an experiential practice.

“We are constantly correcting, studying, and exposing ourselves by stepping outside the circle of comfort through honest and consistent practice.”

This means:

We don’t run a one-man/woman show, our students are the beating heart of what it is we do.

We show the visible results of the transformation our students go through.

“We give proof of our promise. What you see is what you get.”

Here is one of our students ‘Claudio’ talking about what the Movement Practice means for him:

So the next time you find yourself looking for a teacher,

don’t fall for what ‘appears’ to be true.

Cut through the bullshit,

ask for the demonstrations and look at the proof.

But first,

remember these words:

“Good teachers are hard to find.” – Ido Portal

Wishing you a practiceful day,