Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

  1. Amsterdam Movement Practice (Andoh Coaching) is listed in the Trade Register under number 67334989.
  2. Intro Journey: a single movement class at AMS to be attended and paid by the Student, other than on the basis of any package.
  3. Student: a person who attends and/or wishes to attend private or group movement classes, trainings, retreats or workshops at AMS.
  4. Participant: the person who attends or wishes to attend a Retreat, Training or Workshop.
  5. Price: the total price of a Session, Workshop, Training or Retreat.
  6. Private Movement: a private movement session, for which the Student must make an appointment in advance.
  7. Movement Journey: an all levels movement class for businesses offered to their employees given by AMS.
  8. Personal Research: an intermediate level session for experienced students.
  9. Online Journey: an online program by AMS.
  10. Website: the website of AMS: www.movementpractice.amsterdam

2. Scope of Application

  1. The General Terms and Conditions apply to all Single, Private, Movement & Research Journeys and of AMS as well as to all Retreats, Trainings and Workshops.
  2. By participating in a Retreat, Workshop, Training or movement class of AMS, the Student agrees to the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions.
  3. AMS may from time to time amend these General Terms and Conditions. The most recent version of the Terms and Conditions is always the version that is applicable and is always available at the Website. AMS will announce any amendments to the General Terms and Conditions in advance by email.

3. Products

AMS offers the following possibilities to attend a movement classes:


New Student Passes

  1. The passes entitle the Student to two, five or eight (2-5-8) movement class.
  2. The New student passes are valid for seven, thirty and 90 days (14-30-90) days from the date of purchase. The classes must therefore be attended within the documented days of the date of purchase. After that period this right lapses.

Student Journey

  1. The Student Journey entitles the Student to join all Movement Journey classes. 
  2. The Student Journey tuition is will be renewed on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at the end of each month. 
  3. Access to Research classes will be possible after twelve (12) months. 

Personal Research

  1. The Personal Research entitles the Student to receive a personalised program with movement tasks. 
  2. The Personal Research is on an eight (8) week basis and can be cancelled after two (2) months. 
  3. Access to Research classes will be possible after six (6) months. 

Online Journey

  1. The Personal Research entitles the Student to receive a personalised program with movement tasks. 
  2. The Personal Research is on an eight (8) week basis and can be cancelled after two (2) months. 

4. Payment and Price Changes

  1. All movement classes, organized by AMS must be paid for before they are held. AMS does not accept cash payments. Payments can be made by Credit Card (Visa, Master Card), Ideal and PayPal.
  2. AMS reserves the right to change the pricing of all products. Any changes are announced in advance by placing statements on the Website, and/or by email. The currently applicable rates are always mentioned on the Website.
  3. Before joining a movement class, workshop or training, the Student must check in with the teacher at the beginning of the class. After the Teacher has verified the registration and payment for the relevant movement class, the Student is allowed to enter the class, workshop or training.

5. Reservations and cancellations for movement classes

  1. A Student can book classes, trainings and workshops online.
  2. A confirmed booking is valid until 5 minutes before the class starts. If the Student has not checked in by then, the booking expires and the reserved spot will become available to another Student.
  3. When a class is fully booked, the Student can sign up for the Waiting List. If a spot opens up, the first Student to book the class through the schedule will be notified by email.
  4. Students can cancel their booking until three (3) hours before the class starts. The Student can only cancel by email.
  5. Canceling an appointment for a private class can be done without charge up to eight (8) hours before the start of the appointment. The Student will be charged in full if the private appointment is cancelled within eight (8) hours before the start of the appointment.

6. Schedule

  1. The current schedule is mentioned on the Website. AMS reserves the right to change the schedule at any time. If possible, any changes are announced in advance mentioning them on the Website or by email.
  2. AMS reserves the right to cancel a movement class that has been scheduled in the event of force majeure, including illness of the teacher. 
  3. AMS has the right to close its doors on public holidays or on other days, or when imposed by the government, in case of force majeure, national safety or a pandemic.

7. Liability

  1. AMS is not in any way liable for personal injuries sustained during movement classes, workshops, trainings or retreats. Participating is always at the own risk of the Student.
  2. AMS provides the following guidelines for reducing the risk of an injury:
    1. Always consult a doctor before starting movement classes if you are not sure that you are completely healthy or if you are pregnant.
    2. If you have an injury or any other physical inconvenience, always inform the movement teacher about this before starting the movement class.
    3. Listen to and follow the instructions of the relevant movement teacher.
    4. Perform the movement exercises carefully and bear your physical limitations in mind.
    5. Do not perform any movement exercises that are painful.
    6. Ask questions if you do not understand an exercise.
    7. Avoid inverted poses during menstruation.
  3. Although we strive to only provide correct information on our website, we are not liable for any inaccuracy and no rights can be derived therefrom.

8. Personal Data

  1. AMS collects personal data of the Students and Participants to execute payment orders and for administration and information purposes. AMS handles this collection of personal data with due care and complies with the provisions of the Dutch Data Protection Act.
  2. AMS uses the personal data to inform the Students and Participants about activities of AMS and any changes in the schedule, for example. If the Student or Participant does not want to receive communications from AMS, he or she may unsubscribe from the mailing in the bottom of a received newsletter or communicate this to AMS by sending an email to info@movementpractice.amsterdam. The Student or Participant is aware (s)he cannot use all online services and products of AMS in that case.
  3. AMS never gives any personal data of the Students or Participants to third parties without their prior written consent.

9. Governing Law and Dispute Settlement

  1. The General Terms and Conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law.
  2. Any disputes relating to the General Terms and Conditions, any Product, or a Student’s attending group and private movement classes, Workshops or Retreats organized by AMS are settled exclusively by the competent court in Amsterdam or any higher court.

10. Code of Conduct

  1. Students shall adhere to AMS' code of conduct at all times:
    1. Please make sure you are clean and fresh when you attend the movement class. The use of unscented deodorant is highly appreciated. In view of potential allergies of other Students, everyone is asked not to wear any perfume, aromatherapy oils or other scented products.
    2. Wear clean movement clothes in movement classes, in which you can move easily.
    3. AMS advises not to eat later than two hours before the start of the movement class and, in any case, not to do movement on a full stomach.
    4. The physical and mental integrity of Students must always be respected. Sexual behavior or sexually suggestive behavior is not tolerated by AMS.
  2. AMS reserves the right to deny Students who do not observe the house rules, to deny access to any study and to terminate the productsof the relevant Student without a refund of any fee paid already.

11. Applicable law, dispute resolution

  1. Dutch law applies exclusively to the General Terms and Conditions.
  2. Any disputes in connection with the General Terms and Conditions, or the participation in a Workshop, Retreat or Training, as the case may be, will be resolved exclusively by a certified mediator in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

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