Movement Practice Amsterdam


1. an act of moving.

2. a change or development.


1. an act of travelling from one place to another.

2. travel somewhere.

A life practice.

My name is Rich and I began my practice in 2015 when I discovered the Ido Portal Method. 

His views on physicality changed the way I experience a life inside of a body and it opened my eyes to the possibility of a long-term playful and infinite journey.

One that took me from gymnastics to one arm handstands to meditation, parkour and traditional Chinese martial arts. 

Over the course of 5+ years, I practiced 6 days a week for multiple hours a day under the guidance of mentorship students. 

"I gave myself the simple task to show up."

Discover your physicality.

It is my aim to develop Movement Practice Amsterdam into a cultivation ground for practitioners who are looking into physicality for self-discovery and self-research.

As a student you start with basic strength, mobility and handstand development.

And over time you discover how these are tools to discover how you deal with challenging and changing circumstances.

It's a process through which you can ultimately choose what you want to practice and how you can develop a body that allows you to do so.

Consider everything an experiment.

In sessions, I use the perspective of a researcher within and with(out) the body.

You develop strength that can be applied in chaos. Flexibility that protects you against injury. Freedom to play and improvise until an old age. 

I facilitate your physical change or development from one place to the other.

That's why it's a Movement. Journey. 

Additional credentials:

I have a background in Psychology, a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management and am a certified Functional Nutritionist with 10+ years of experience as a coach and teacher.

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Your body is the result of your Movement Journey.