Empty Arms – How to start?

Suffering from shoulder pain or injuries?

Want to increase your shoulder health and recovery speed?

Use these effective arm swings to increase your blood circulation, coordination and tactile acuity.

To understand the potency of these elements,

one elusively obvious perspective is essential:

Your body is the most sophisticated piece of technology you will ever have access to.

Not your phone.

Your body.

Update your body by increasing its intelligence so it contains all the tools you need.


Minimalism. Availability. Education.

The question is not:

“What expensive tools or fancy facility do I need outside of my body?”

The more-is-better approach.

The question is:

“What education do I need to develop those tools inside of my body?”

The less-but-better approach.

Or a common saying inside of the Movement Practice:

“High-tech tools, low-tech body.”

Here is a simple tutorial with empty arm variations for beginners:

How to do these basics:

A. Standing Meditation – Zhan Zhuang X 60-90 sec

B. Sagittal Plane – Unilateral Arm Swing X 60-90 sec / both arms

C. Sagittal Plane – Backward Arm Circle X 60-90 sec / both arms

D. Transverse Plane – Wax On Wax Off X 60-90 sec / both arms

E. Integration A-B-C-D X 60-90 sec / both arms

Thoughts on developing an unconditional and applied Stillness state:

Wishing you a practiceful day.