Online Movement Module.

8 weeks of online personal programming for a long-term personalised Movement Practice.

Start your Movement Practice with Rich.

Online support is a powerful tool if you are looking for a personalized approach to support your Movement Practice.

You probably recognize the following: are training hard, but NOT getting the results you want. want to be approach as an individual INSTEAD of a number. are dedicated and looking for ways to structure your training more. 

After 8 weeks you'll have:

...a clear personal process through which you've made progress (before/after).

...a personalized plan with video demos to continue with beyond these 8 weeks. No cookie-cutter stuff. Ever.

...the opportunity to further deepen your Movement Practice under the guidance of active practitioners.

"I learned that moving my spine is an incredibly powerful way to release tension in the body." 

- Adriaan de Jongh

Step 1 - Choose Your Movement Module

After you've completed your payment we will schedule a 30-45 min call to decide what specific learning module you will work on: Handstands & mobility, strength or locomotion. 

Step 2 - Begin Your Movement Module

After choosing your module and answering your questions, we will continue with the creation of your 8 week Movement Program. You will be guided personally by an experienced practitioner with experiential knowledge. After 4 weeks you will have a re-calibration session to determine how you are progressing.

Step 3 - Complete Your Movement Module

At the end of your 8 week learning module, you submit your final videos and you will receive a final layer of refinements to complete your learning module. 

Choose your Practice.

Begin your 8 weeks of online personal Movement programming.

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"Your body is the result of your movement journey."

- Ido Portal