The Hidden Movement Practice Levels

What is the difference between beginning a Practice and continuing a Practice?

Between the goal and the process?

Or the cookie and the broccoli?

Here are the 3 obviously hidden levels of Practice:

Level 1. Lineair Practice – I do a to achieve b.

It’s about the goal.

“I eat the broccoli to get the cookie.”

Major obstacle: Showing up.

Level 2. Cyclic Practice – I do to do.

It’s about the process.

“I eat the broccoli to eat the cookie and the cookie to eat the broccoli.”

Major obstacle: Patience.

Level 3. SpiraI Practice – I do/be.

It’s about the self.

“I eat whatever is served.”

Major obstacle: Stillness.

Learning at a more experienced point…

Beginning = continuing.

Goal = process.

Doing = being.

And the broccoli = the cookie.

Wishing you a Practice with fullness.


PS. First master the art of showing up. You are never done with showing up.