Practice Of a 1000 Helping Hands


Going through the materials of my online mentor and inspiring dancer/choreographer Shai Faran today

the word ”dexterity” kept popping up

skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands

Now imagine the whole body as one huge hand, or

a body comprised of a 1000 hands

fingers gripping, turning, twisting, trying to control ever so smoothly

Dexterous bodies

This is how I would describe my experience with Shai’s work up till now

A practice of wrapping the body and mind around

I feel a deeper level of sensitivity moving through the joints

Like a wave articulating through the chains that make up the spinal cord

The chains of connection within all parts of the body seem to become more refined

lengthening and expanding

molding and folding

allowing for more freedom, efficiency and quality of movement


Now, alongside the work of Shai, we have been exploring the environmental layer of Marcello Palozzo with the group

hanging from a wall with two hands,

to one hand, one foot

Even hanging from just two feet, the famous ”Bat”

Face down, staring in the abyss, the mind wanting to go blank

When solving these kind of enigma’s I’d like to imagine these dexterous 1000 hands helping me out

Being right there in the moment, building trust, using parts of the body that seem distant and far away to stretch out and fold around the raw bricks, taking breaths and enjoying all the trying, failing, growing, moving

Expressing ourselves through the inner and outer environment

I will wrap up this post by sharing the following quote by Shai

”We have to use words but it can not explain everything”

And this is where I take off and invite you to find more clues by observing the following video

where my words stop, but an explanation continues

Wishing you an inspiring day and a helping hand wherever you may go