Movement Amsterdam – Dojo

Curious about the Movement Practice?

Come on a walk with us to begin your Journey.

What kind of school are we?

We teach Small group Movement Sessions inspired by the Ido Portal Method in Amsterdam.

We are small, like a bonsai tree.

We are simple, like a dojo.

We work through physicality both in- and outdoor.

With cultivated attention and patience.

Not like an engineer, but like a gardener.

We are NOT for everyone, but IF you join we will SERVE you.

Like a 3-Michelin-star-sushi chef.


Because we LOVE what we do.


We treat you as a human, NOT as a transaction.

What we do is underpaid.

But it comes with a note,

like all things with VALUE.

And it’s a price that is MORE than worth it.

Just ask any single one of our students.

They will tell you.

Because your body is NOT your iPhone,

it CANNOT be replaced.

You CANNOT disconnect from IT.

You CAN be distracted from it.

But it’s the ‘starting point for everything you want’.

…if you are reading THIS you already know.


Looking forward to moving with you.

When the time is ripe.