Marcello Palozzo – Workshop Countdown

Getting ready?

We are 14 days away from a unique Movement experience.

One that will NOT repeat itself.

As part of the preparation for the workshop with Marcello,

we received a list of high-tech drills to make sure we show up with:

fingers like the traversing gibbon;

legs like the South African springbok;

and balance of a single-legged grey heron.

Imagine exploring the city through the lens of a dedicated ‘Movement artist/scientist/innovator’ over the course of 2 immersive days.

Moving beyond the edge of the known,

beyond what is known as the edge.

Into freedom from the known.

Captivating stories, fine-spun technical abilities, and perspective-enriching substances all collide into a condensed cup.

Like an unwashed single espresso on a Saturday morning.

That’s why we are preparing our empty cups with a concentrated effort and open mind.

(but not so open that our brains fall out)


Follow along for a day of Practice:

Jumping on our bikes after an hour and a half of Self-Practice and a big fat goodbye hug from everyone who is not a Researcher yet.

Standing in front of the Dojo for an urban bike ride before the big Session.

Jori taking the lead with a gentle smile.

Chalky hands touching with the wall in preparation for the workshop with the watchful eye of a calm and composed Henry.

A lot of interested ‘what the @%#!’ faces of tourists and locals walking by as we conquered the walls of the city.

Super dad showing the next generation how the real game is played.

Competing or elevating?

Roland always mastering the art of showing up in color, style and sophistication.

Through the air, up the stairs with a flying Tiemen.

A man of good taste, Tim loves his classical jazz music.

I wonder if he saw this after chalking up his hands.

Kombucha wine for Adriaan & Tiemen with philosophy and the Movement of ideas as a finishing touch on a wonderful day of Practice.

The pulsating heart of what it is we do, how can you not love these people?

On our bike ride to the Research location, I enthusiastically said to Jori:

“We are almost there, the workshop…

…is going to happen!”

Waiting at a red traffic light, she looked at me and said:

“We are almost where?”

“It’s always here.”

“Life is always here.”

The only adequate response I could give…

…was to enjoy the remaining part of the ride.

Wishing you a practiceful day.


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