Marcello Palozzo – Workshop Amsterdam


Turn the entire city into your Movement laboratory.

And discover how you can use your environment to develop a more intelligent body.

“So your practice becomes accessible in everyday living.” – Marcello Palozzo

Who is Marcello Palozzo?

And why does he promote the idea of ’embracing a Movement Practice’?

Diligent research into his blog shows a unique mind and something rare:

A scholar-practitioner.

Here are some ideas/concepts/quotes that you will discover through his work:

“Availability perspective/principle.”

Transforming your Practice into a platform that contains everything.

“Interacting with the city and observing movement through a wider perspective.”

Opening your eyes to your surroundings, moving away from the boxed life and turning the body-environment monologue into a meaningful conversation.

“Balancing in a world of almost, ultimately becomes a venture into our own selves.”

Leaning into the abyss of the unknown and exploring your fears to ultimately turn those same fears into portals of freedom and mirrors of self-reflection/development.

“Minimalism & necessity through bottom-up field testing. Ascending from an element up or descending from a concept down.”

Starting from what you have and redefining the idea of ‘more = better’ to what is required for ‘this specific situation?’ and what actually works in Practice.

“It’s like a secret society with no walls nor doors, that can only be entered out of deliberate work on the field.”

Discovering the deeper and hidden reasons to practice and the continuous search/redefinition that only comes through repeated direct experience.

Marcello Palozzo’s blog is a rich source of physical exploration and fibrous ideas that will force you to chew and regurgitate.

Don’t expect microwaved meals or free lunch.

Expect a real message from a practitioner:

And this podcast will leave you with fewer answers than you thought you had and a mountainous overview from a deeply immersive Practice:


In Amsterdam from June 11-12th for a unique (once-in-a-lifetime) 2-day Environmental Practice workshop.

Summary of the Environmental Workshop by Marcello Palozzo:

“This workshop originates where athletics, urban practices, the science of strength and conditioning and movement meet for the first time. In this event you will learn how to cultivate an agile and powerful body, a sharp mind tested in a variety of contexts and to activate any environment through the right vision for your own development.

We promise you will leave the workshop with many answers, but with even more questions and a larger view of what a movement practice is and can be for you.”

Keywords: Air sense and elasticity, balance, unusual strength work & applied internal work.

This might be one of the few opportunities to learn from Marcello Palozzo in Amsterdam.

Because his progressively lighter footwork has made him increasingly hard to catch.

The limited spots in the workshop are filling up.

What are you waiting for?

Do or go.

For more information and access to the workshop send an e-mail to