Locomotion – How to start?

How can you effectively develop strength and flexibility?

And do so in a playful and progressive way?

Locomotion is a unique approach towards those specific goals.

The method behind it is systematized through:

Isolation – A letter/word.

Integration – A sentence.

Improvisation – A language.

Ultimately with the goal of metaphorically doing stand-up comedy or singing a song that expresses your unique being.

This of course takes repetition and time.

Here is a simple tutorial with isolated elements for beginners:

How to do these basics:

Work on one element for 90-120 seconds / start with lifting one arm-leg

Repeat for 3 sets with 60-90 seconds of rest in between.

Here Tiemen -one of the students- is demonstrating some integration work after a Movement Session:

And another demonstration of developing an individualised physical language:

Wishing you a practiceful day.