700+ Days of Movement Practice

How did Movement Practice Amsterdam start?

And what lessons did we learn from running a school in the past 2 years?

Let’s take a quick peek into those 700+ days of Movement Practice.

We started this school on a sunny day in Amsterdam with 4 students.

2 years later we have access to a Movement Dojo with over 30+ active students.

And with an international event with one of the best in this field of Movement:

Marcello Palozzo.

Here are some snippets of moving moments in the past 700+ days:

We explored the city during the summer.

And moved (indoor) during the winter.

Until we found the ‘right’ place to root ourselves.

And in between? A lot of fun moments with faceplants, special visits and…


And for those two valuable lessons?

If you are at the beginning of your Movement Journey:

1. Find a practice-based group that makes you feel at home and don’t do it alone.

2. Stick to that group for a while if you are looking for a long-term process into strength, flexibility, and physical freedom.

Here you see students working on ‘unconventional’ strength as a tool for both conditioning and expression:

Wishing you a practiceful day,


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