Develop strength & flexibility.

Small group Movement sessions based on a multi-disiplinary method.

"From handstand to strength to mobility, they've laid out how to get to where you want to be, and myself and other students are living proof of that process."

- Adriaan de Jongh

Move injury free.

Increase your strength, flexibility and move injury free with the Ido Portal Method in Amsterdam. 

A multi-disciplinary approach towards the development of a body that allows you to maintain an active life. 

Explore handstands, mobility, strength, juggling and more in structured group sessions Monday—Saturday. 

Movement is for EVERY body.

A Movement Practice is for everybody. All you need is a body and a curious mind. That's it. 

The small group sessions with 6-10 students are modified to your unique needs and personal level. Sessions mainly take place in the Movement Living Room. Outdoor sessions are part of the curriculum during the summer months. 

We make sure you begin where you are. 

Connect with a tribe of Movers.

Meet fellow beginners from all walks of life at Amsterdam Movement Practice.

Attend monthly meetups to eat, talk and have fun together.

In the age of transaction, this practice provides you with an opportunity for interaction, connection and structured play. 

The Sessions.

A unique way to rediscover your physicality.

Movement Prep/101.

45-90 minutes of structured play or conditioning based on the Ido Portal Method. Work on a wide variety of subjects (e.g. handstand, animal movements and mobility) and discover how those subjects relate to each other. Every class is a journey.


Students with 6 months to 1 year of experience get access to 90 min Research sessions. We explore Movement as a concept. All sessions are outdoors. The aim is to go into Research and development to cultivate a long-term self-practice. 


Students have the opportunity to autonomously study the materials that have been presented in sessions. 

Dive deeper in elements that peak your curiosity with personal 8-week research plans. 


Begin your Movement practice online through our unique fundamentals program.

Develop mobility and handstands in a structured step-by-step online video course. Click here to discover the program.

The Location & Teachers.

A hidden Movement Living Room close to the buzzing heart of Amsterdam with dedicated teachers. 

Meet Araham.

Empty space. Wooden floor. Lush jungle. This is your Movement Living Room. Click here for the location details.

Meet Rich. 

Rich's discovery of the Movement Culture in 2015 opened his eyes to a new perspective. He has studied online under Johnny Sapinoso, in addition to attending multiple international workshops with the Ido Portal Team. Besides his ongoing personal practice, he loves teaching his dog tricks and a single espresso on a sunny day.

Meet Jori. 

Jori started dancing from an early age and developed a strong passion for movement as a source for self-expression. A after graduating from the School of Arts she found the Ido Portal Method in 2018. Attending multiple Ido Portal Workshops. Besides her practice, she works as a performer and loves to draw unique creations. 

Move. Practice. Play.

If you are done with uninspiring workouts. Experience a lack of playful physical exploration. And keep running into injuries as a result of a sedentary lifestyle. We are here to help you improve your physicality. Strengthen joints, learn to juggle, balance on your hands and much more. Ready?