Bulletproof Wrists – How to start?

Want to begin your handstand practice from scratch?

And so in an injury-free way?

Bulletproofing your wrists is a necessity if you want to start inverting yourself safely.

Nassim Taleb inspires the idea behind this approach.

Let’s start with a seemingly simple question?

“What is the opposite of fragile?”

Fragile is a tea cup. It breaks when dropped.

Robust is a brick. It does not break when it is dropped.

But something that is the opposite of fragile becomes stronger when it is dropped.

This is what we develop in your body through ‘the right dosage’.

A corset of flexibility.

In a body that gains from disorder.

But you will need to take it one step at a time.

A handstand is a long-term process.

Here is a simple tutorial with 3 basic wrist drills for beginners:

How to do these basics:

A1. Wrist Extension Pulses + Hold – 10 reps + 10 sec hold

A2. Wrist Flexion Pulses + Hold – 10 reps + 10 sec hold

A3. Wrist Circles – Variation – 10 reps / both directions

Repeat A1-A3 for 1-3 sets/cycles with minimum rest

Jori sharing her beautiful handstand Journey (she started from 0):

And another demonstration of relaxing in a handstand:

Wishing you a practiceful day.