Start your handstand practice. Increase your mobility and balance in 8 weeks.



This modular course is all about giving you the most effective tools and instructions. With one result: developing a handstand.

Progressive Learning

The content is all about progressively increasing the level of difficulty. We start at A and build the foundation to work all the way to Z.



You will work towards clearly defined goals. The proof will be in your results.

Develop your Handstand from scratch.

If you want to learn how you can methodically develop a handstand and start building mobility, you might have bumped your head a few times.

Literally, face planting is something discouraging. Especially if you keep running into a brick wall.

And there is a simple answer.

It’s not because you can’t do it,
it’s because you haven’t found the right process yet.

Even if you are just getting started. Yup.

So there are two options: you keep trying to re-invent the wheel by yourself or you hop into the car that is honking right in front of you.

This program will provide you with the EXACT tools to begin with the right structure and goals.

With these
4 carefully constructed learning modules, you will stop busting your head and take a deep-dive into developing your handstand practice.

Bulletproof your wrists, mobilise your joints, learn to invert and find your balance.

No quick fix.

A real method. With real results.

"I learned that moving my spine is an incredibly powerful way to release tension in the body." 

- Adriaan de Jongh

What you will get.

The 4 fundamental learning modules.

Module 1 - Armor

Bulletproof your joints and increase your ranges of motion to better execute your handstand. Discover the major limiting factors that are preventing your from getting into a straight line. Turn your banana handstand into history.

Module 2 - Interconnectivity

Discover how you can contract and connect to weaklinks that prevent you from finding the right line. Build stronger and more mobile your and find lines of connection that will make your handstand effortless. 

Module 3 - Inversion

Start with inverting yourself. Develop proprioceptive awareness and learn to reconnect to the positions of the previous modules in a more complex scenario. 

Module 4 - Equilibre

Explore the art of balancing on your hands. Small steps and big leaps. Integrate the modules from the previous weeks into a strong foundation to work on more advanced handstand work. 

Your Teachers. Rich & Jori.

The head teachers at Movement Practice Amsterdam.

Both have cultivated a long-term Movement and handstand practice for 5+ years. 

We have facilitated hundreds of students across the globe to develop more resilient joints and a stronger handstand and look forward to teaching you through our online program.

Begin your program.

If you really want to begin your handstand training, you will benefit hugely from learning with a more experienced teacher.

Apparently you’ve already discovered that for yourself or you would not be reading these words.

With this small investment and a money back guarantee there is very little for you to lose.

Transform your idea of what is possible through a real practice.

Choose to start.