Imagine a body comprised of a 1000 hands

Full body dexterity and the building of trust

Leading to more freedom, efficiency and quality movement

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Have you ever studied the movement of fear inside of your body?

What if you can turn your experience of fear into transformative Practice?

And change its relation to you in a way that leads to continuous growth instead of paralysis?

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How did Movement Practice Amsterdam start?

And what lessons did we learn from running a school in the past 2 years?

Let’s take a quick peek into those 700+ days of Movement Practice.

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Want to move with more freedom and confidence?

Find more efficiency in movement and prevent yourself from falling into injuries?

Use these balance basics to improve posture, work on joint stability and coordinate your body more elegantly.

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Turn the entire city into your Movement laboratory.

Discover what the unique workshop with Marcello Palozzo in Amsterdam is about.

And how you can use your environment to develop a more intelligent body.

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What makes a good teacher?

And to what standards do we hold ourselves?

How can you separate the ‘popular star’ from the ‘obscure master’?

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Want to finally learn how to juggle?

And improve your fine motor control and eye-sight?

Use these object manipulation basics to improve your reaction speed, fine motor control and vision.

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Here is a shocking statement:

You live in a body 24 hours a day.

That should be enough to start a process of life-long education, right?

So, what is the Movement paradigm shift?

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Suffering from shoulder pain or injuries?

Want to increase your shoulder health and recovery speed?

Use these effective arm swings to increase your blood circulation, coordination and tactile acuity.

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You suffer from chronic fear-of-missing-out syndrome.

You expect to learn a 60-second handstand within 60 seconds.

You are looking for the cookie Practice.

Recognise part of yourself?

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