1. an act of moving.

2. a change or development.


1. the application of an idea.

2. way of doing something.

Background. Practice.

My name is Rich (the guy standing on one arm) and I began my practice in 2015 when I discovered the multi-disciplinary Ido Portal Method.

His views on physicality opened my eyes to the possibility of a long-term playful and infinite journey. One that took me from gymnastics to one arm handstands to meditation, parkour and qi gong. 

I've attended: Movement X, Motion, Latest Rumors, European Movement Meeting and completed 10+ online phases with the Ido Portal Team. 

The Movement. School.

Amsterdam Movement Practice is one of a few hybrid (indoor + outdoor) schools within the Netherlands dedicated purely to the Ido Portal Method. This is what we teach with the best possible quality.

As a student you start with basic strength, mobility and handstand development. Over time you learn to use these tools to develop a body that will sustain you until an older age. 

We facilitate small group sessions to maintain quality and personalized instructions. Check the schedule.

Want to start? Movement 101.

The Movement 101 is specifically created for new students with little exposure to the Method. All other Movement classes are geared towards all levels.

We provide you with the tools to work towards your personal and long-term goals. Any other questions? DM us on instagram or create your profile here.