Hi, there.

My name is Rich and I began my practice in 2015 when I discovered the multi-disciplinary Ido Portal Method. His views on physicality opened my eyes to the possibility an infinite journey.

Taking me from handstands to meditation, parkour and Chinese martial practices.

In 2020 I founded a small and dedicated Movement School for people who were interested in re-connecting with their physicality through a specific method.

Our philosophy

What we do.


1. an act of moving.

2. a change or development.


1. the application of an idea.

2. way of doing something.


Weekly sessions

Your Practice

The school.

Amsterdam Movement Practice is one of a few hybrid schools in the Netherlands with both in- and outdoor sessions. All materials are inspired by the Ido Portal Method. This is what we teach from experience. Nothing else.

A clear curriculum in small group sessions of 6-10 students.

Indoor and outdoor session for a diversified practice.

Personalized instructions and guidance through programming.

A community of people from all walks of life. 

New Student?

Let's get to know each other. Our Open Day Workshops offer you an easy entry into the practice.