Hi, there.

We are Rich and Jori.

And we are inspired by the Ido Portal Method. His views on physicality have transformed our idea of what it means to develop a body. 

We facilitate students in their Movement Practice to develop a more functional body through structured play including: handstands; mobility; strength; meditation; floorwork and more.

Sounds interesting?

Our philosophy

What we do.


1. an act of moving.

2. a change or development.


1. the application of an idea.

2. way of doing something.

A shared Practice


Your Physicality

Discover why Marieke has come to appreciate the Movement Practice and what makes the group Practice at our Dojo valuable for her.

Your Practice

The Dojo.

Amsterdam Movement Practice is the only hybrid Movement Dojo in the Netherlands with both in- and outdoor Movement Sessions purely inspired by the Ido Portal Method. 

This is what we teach from experience in our empty learning space and lush garden. Nothing else.

A clear curriculum in small group Sessions of 6-10 students.

Indoor and outdoor Session for a diversified Practice.

Personalized instructions and guidance through programming.

A community of people from all walks of life.

New Student?

Let's get to know each other. Our Open Day Introductions offer you an easy entry into the Practice.