Move More. Play More.
Join small group sessions to craft a strong and flexible body through the Ido Portal Method.

Develop your body and brain

Go on a Movement Journey

Increase your physical freedom and challenge your brain. Explore various disciplines ranging from gymnastics to yoga, from juggling to tai chi in small group sessions Monday—Saturday.

All ages and all levels

Practice anywhere & anytime

A Movement Practice is for everybody. To join, you need a body and the curiosity to learn. That's it. Sessions and educational materials are modified to your personal level. You will be met where you are.

Practice together

Join a diverse group of individuals

You will be approached in a personal way with individualised instructions. Meet fellow beginners from all walks of life at Amsterdam Movement Practice. In the age of transaction, this practice provides an opportunity for interaction, connection and play. You will be going on a journey together.

If you think working out in a regular gym 'sucks'...

... and you are looking for a more general way to train your body and brain in a playful way: this is the group for you. We practice learning how to learn, through handstands, locomotion, meditation, strength, juggling, soft acrobatics, coordination, mobility, parkour, tactical work, rhythm, and many other subjects.

Sounds interesting?

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