Develop strength & flexibility with Movement Practice.

You enjoy developing your body and brain, but you keep finding uninspiring workouts. Recognize yourself? You found the right place.

"The Movement classes have helped me discover and improve my spine in ways I had never considered before." 

- Adriaan de Jongh

Strength & Flexibility. Play.

Increase your strength, flexibility and physical freedom. Explore various disciplines ranging from gymnastics to yoga and from juggling to tai chi in structured group sessions Monday—Saturday. Most students attend 1-2 sessions per week.

Practice anywhere. Everywhere.

A Movement Practice is for everybody. To join, you need a body and the curiosity to learn. That's it. Small group sessions (6-10 students) and educational materials are all crafted through the Ido Portal Method and modified to your specific personal level. Your journey begins where you are.

Your tribe. Vibe.

You will be approached in a personal way with individualised instructions. Meet fellow beginners from all walks of life at Amsterdam Movement Practice. In the age of transaction, this practice provides an opportunity for interaction, connection and structured play. You will be going on a journey together.

Join your Movement Tribe.

Amsterdam Movement Practice is a home to a solid group of practitioners who are interested and welcoming. How experienced you are does not matter. As long as you are open to learning and willing to have fun along the way. Everyone in this group is a beginner.

Movement Journey.

90 minutes of structured play based on the Ido Portal Method. Work on a wide variety of subjects (e.g. handstand, animal movements and mobility) and discover how those subjects relate to each other.

Access to 120 min Research sessions after 12 months.


Students with 6 months to 1 year of experience get access to 120 min Research sessions. Where we zoom in and out of elements and details beyond the scope of a Movement Journey. The aim is to go into Research and development to craft a long-term self and shared-practice. Turning Amsterdam into your Movement laboratory. 

Your Teacher & Schedule.

"I believe the connection to the body is the starting point for anything you want to learn."

Rich Andoh -the head teacher- has received his education through Ido Portal under the guidance of Johnny Sapinoso and via various international workshops led by Ido Portal, such as the European Movement Meeting, Latest Rumours, Motion, and Movement X. Rich's discovery of Ido Portal's Movement Culture in 2015 opened his eyes to a world of movement. 

Your Value & Tuition.

  • 1-3 journeys per week
  • Online video materials
  • Personal in-depth instructions
  • Connected Movement tribe
  • Pause at any time

Unlock your physical practice.

You are looking for a more general way to train your body and brain. And you are interested in a wide range of subjects. This is what you are looking for. We practice learning how to learn, through: handstands, locomotion, meditation, strength, acrobatics, parkour and many other subjects. Curious? Click on the link below and begin a practice you wish you had discovered earlier.

Your body is the result of your Movement Journey.